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Yhdysvaltain ulkomisteri suurlähettiläälleen (Steinhardt) Neuvostoliitossa
  Washington, 2. jouluk. 1939—4 ip.

It is somewhat embarrassing that the Finnish Minister's request that we assume charge of Finnish interests in Soviet Russia should have been made contingent upon our future policy vis-à-vis Russia, and still more that the matter should have been put up along these lines to the Italian Ambassador. In these circumstances, and in order that no inference as to our policy should be drawn by the Soviet authorities, you should explain to the Minister that we feel that Finnish interests could most effectively be protected by the Italian Ambassador, who has apparently indicated willingness to accept the task. You may add, however, that if at any time we could informally be of help to the Italian Ambassador, you would be glad to cooperate.


Lähde: Foreign relations of the United States. Diplomatic papers. 1939. Volume I. General. (CONCERN OF THE UNITED STATES OVER SOVIET DEMANDS ON FINLAND AND THE OUTBREAK OF THE WINTER WAR). Department of State 1956, publ. 6242. (University of Wisconsin Digital Collections)

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